The LEEEEEAP into Blogdom...

Well, I have read and read and READ bloggers far and wide. Fabulous and funny, infamous and hilarious, creative and I am taking the plunge!
Here we go!!!
My hope is to create a blog that is cozy, inspiring, refreshing, resourceful, helpful, uplifting and feels like home to all readers~ a little "southern nest".

There are too many wonderful things about the southern US of A to name...and so I hope to blog away...sometimes more frequently than others...about things that are home to me...things that are southern and chic and comfortable and exciting and heart warming and beautiful to your eyes and mind! Family, Friends, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ...and of course the things that I love to surround myself with...beautiful art, cozy and timeless home things, handcrafted anything!, and recipes that are good enough to eat! :)

Here's to all of you readers and bloggers ~



On my way to "High Maintenance"! said...

Yayy! welcome to blogdom! I have been inspired! Your blog is so cute and creative and truly....Jeanie-like!!! Love it!!!

Anita said...

I am soooo loving your blog! I enjoy coming across blogs with beautiful ideas and pictures to drool over. As you, I think it's wonderful to see "little" ones wearing sweet things - they're only little for such a short time! Keep the 'good stuff' coming!!

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise