This is from our trip to Daytona a few weeks ago. Love it beacuse it SO shows Rowan's personality. Just in his own little world!


just spent a fun filled 3 days in the Big Apple! The weather was a tad soggy, but we put on our walkin shoes and hit the ground running! Catching a Starbucks every few hours kept us happy and we were able to shop and eat our way through the city.
took lots of pictures...but this one kind of sums up our trip. the joke was that it was "Chloe's tour of nyc" because all the pics have Chloe (our 13 yr old traveler) in them! here she looks very ny with her jackie-o glasses, starbucks and a pretzel.

returned from nyc and had a wonderful mother's day celebration with the family!
so blessed to have 2 healthy and happy children. they really do make this life so wonderful!

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise