In celebration of the big 3-0 some girlfriends and I went out for dinner on Tuesday. Cheesecake Factory...9 girls...presents and cheescake! What more could a gal want on her birthday!
Here are a few candids courtesy of Wendy. The lighting was rough and the pics are...well, lots of them looked like I was crying! tee hee. I wasn't. Apparently I make goofy faces when I am not payinga attention. And evidently sometimes when I AM paying attention.
Twas fun ladies!! Thank you!!!

Opening gifts

Being silly with my birthday plate...spelled "Jeeni" hmmmm
My most favorite pajamas! A gift from Jamie! Thank you!!

And the birthday bird below is from Jamie too! The "Darling Book For Girls" is from Wendy. Love it!

And from Jill, Donna and Monica this custom floral. So sweet of them!

Welcome to the 30's

Happy Birthday to me! :) Yep...my 20's...are now a distant memory. Tee hee.

I have begun a new decade! Wow!

30 years ago today (or actually yesterday because of the time change) I came into this world via Bangkok, Thailand (my dad was in the peace corps). Now, half a globe away I have a life that I love. Great Family, friends and health! Thank you Jesus!

My 20's were very busy...I met the love of my life, graduated college, got married, built our 1st house, graduated with my graduate degree, worked as a PR director, left the job to have children, had a daughter, had a son, had a niece (save that story for another day if you don't already know), built our 2nd house, celebrated 7 anniversaries, and-whew! That just brushes the surface really.

So, in celebration of this fun day...drum roll...I am havin' a little giveaway!

So, just leave a comment telling me YOUR most memoriable birthday and I will have a drawing on Friday for a Birthday Surprise!


Happy Valentines Day :)

Brrr it is chilly this morning!! Doesn't this little gal look all bundled up and WARM!
So- this is one of the goodies I created for my sweet Secret Admirer swap (hosted by Jenn and Cheryl). My Valentine is Miss Cindy Bakeman!I hope my Valentine is happy with her sweet treats.

The 1st creation is this sugar coated white and pink house with a little girl (found her from SB in Kim Kwan's class!) standing outside. Used lots of German Glass Glitter and Mica here. Sparkle-Sparkle!

Then I thought a Valentines- LOVE- Theme canvas might be sweet. An 8x10 canvas with antique wallpaper glitter, old sheet music, some pom-pom's and more! So fun to create ;) I also included some chocolate treats. Happy Valentines Day to All!

Valentines Looooove!

Hey now! Love is certainly in the air here!!! whe-hew!
Have had 2 wonderful swaps this month. The 1st is a little diddy between my Bella buddies: Miss Jamie Walker, Miss Wendy Updegraff, Miss Suzanne Duda, and Miss Jennifer Hayslip.
Jamie, Wendy and I made the pilgrimage to Silver Bella last fall and made instant pals in Suzanne and Jenn. They are just too creative for words...I am secretly hoping if I hang around them long enough, maybe a little of their creativity will rub off ;)
Well, our Things We Love swap was so fun! We had to make or buy 2 things. One thing that we loved and one thing our partner would love. And LUCKY ME my partner was Jenn Hayslip- Miss Twinkle Shabby Star herself ;) She sent me a scrumptious package of chocolate, red hots (they are not pictured because they are already in a "Sugar Hottie's" batch in the oven...recipe to come later), sparkle-glitter pink letters, a pink pearl heart, a lovely note AND--drum roll please... an orginal bunny box creation!!! Wow! Jenn, you are too much! Thank you!

And Miss Twinkle Shabby Star is also co-hosting the next swap I am in...My partner (secret admirer) sent me these goodies last week. WOW!
A rose soap on a rop, candles, chocolates, a cherub figurine, a pink candy dish, a ceramic cherub, a keepsake box, a picture frame, lots of beautiful prints for crafting, some more candies and a lovely heart ornament! OOOO-WEEE! Lucky me :)
Thank you so so so much, secret admirer. Can't wait to find out who you are ;)

find of the day

Some posts on a blog should just be about nothing much at all. Many times I find myself posting about big events and what not-Today, not so much.
So, in my obsessive compulsive magazine reading...I have stumbled upon this gem today.
In an Anthropologie catalog...okay, so technically catalogs are not "reading"...but they sure are eye candy!
If I #1 had the nerve to put the holes in tea cups and saucers that it would take to construct it
#2 had somewhere to put it, I would SO attempt making one of these "fountains".
But for now...it sure is fun to look at :)

"crazy busy chicken head" kind of weekend

So, HG says yesterday " wow mommy! we have had a crazy busy chicken head kind of day". (I think she meant something along the lines of running around like a chicken with its head cut off)
After I finished guffawing, I couldn't have agreed more!! ha ha!!

The baby shower for Meredith was so sweet. I filled a basket full of individually wrapped goodies from POPIN (shocker, right?!) and they were all a hit! So much that one of the attendees followed me back to Wendy and Jamie's shop to buy a little something for her tot. She was instantly in love with their store!
Ahhh- I love match making! Heee!
Here is the Ultimate Receiving Blanket that was in the gift-o-rama basket...and there were matching burp clothes with pink and brown gingham ribbon...and a super neat chenille and cotton bib that had a paci holder on it!, and a beautiful bubble with matching socks...and a white smocked bishop. OH babies are so fun to shop for. Can't wait to see sweet Mia in a few shorts weeks. Please keep Meredith and her husband, Dave, in your prayers.

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise