sweets for some sweeties and "Mer" no reading today!!!

Next month I will be co-hosting a baby shower for my sweet friend Jennifer. She is have baby #2...a girl...another girl. Pink is so great! She and her husband are thrilled to be adding to their clan. This was the cake that I had done for her 1st baby shower (with girl #1, Aubrey).
My husband and Jenn's husband work together...they are home builders. So we did a little "Miss Construction" theme. It was cute...look at those little fondant tools! And OH YEA, the cake was yum-o!
(ignore the glimpse of my baker's feet in the picture!! ha!!)

And my swap package came in this week!!!! Here is a hint of what all was inside. LOTS and lot's of goodies...this one is so interesting it HAD to be shared...

AND- did some shopping today for baby Mia. She is due to arrive later this month. Somewhere around Feb 22nd. (I am hoping for the 18th so that we can share a birthday!)
A shower is being given for her mommy, Meredith, this weekend. Of course I had to stop by POPIN for gifts...here is one of them...hope Mer's not reading!!!!
If you have a baby, are going to have a baby, or know someone who is- you HAVE to have a pack of these Trumpettes! LOVE THEM! (Wendy, do they make it in ladies size 8 1/2????) tee hee.

What's happenin'

Around here life is good. Calm today. I am so thankful for my family.
This week was rough for the Hostetters. I just cannot imagine their pain. Tomorrow they will celebrate the life of their sweet baby with a service at the church.
Please continue to keep this precious family in your prayers.

One a different note...Hayden Grace is becoming more opinionated about her wardrobe lately. She insists on all of the warm weather outfits...hellooooooo, it is 50 degress outside! This top from POPIN is one of her favorites...I might have to hide it until the temp gets over 70 deg. Gees.

Finished all of my swap goodies for Jenn and Cheryl's secret admirer swap!! Mailing everything tomorrow. I hope my partner really enjoy's her treats :)

please pray for the Hostetters

Please pray for the Hostetter Family tonight.
For a daddy who has had his 3rd precious son go to be with Jesus.
For a mommy who enjoyed nearly 56 sweet days with her 3rd miracle baby.
For 2 big brothers that will always be in love with their Tristan.
And for countless family members and friends whose hearts have stirred because of God's work through this wonderful little boy...
John 11:4
... This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified thereby.

Then and now...

Hayden Grace was our precious 1st. She constantly had us in stitches!! Looking back, she has the same contagious smile as always!
Psalm 127:3
Behold, Children are a blessing from the Lord :)

7 months old
5 years old
And I love this picture...this is SOOOO her personality (was and IS) . Ignoring the boys who are trying to smooch her. tee hee

tonights prayer

I was looking back at old pictures today...my babies are growing up so quickly!
This was a year ago. Rowan getting a haircut with a Lollipop to make him happy...
Candy=Happiness. He has his momma's ideology!
I thank Jesus every day for my children. In the past few years, I have made many friends who have experienced or are experiencing infertitility- or some other drama where they cannot have children. What a hard road. I just cannot imagine!
Tonight my prayers are with these friends specifically.
I pray that they know God has His best for them...whatever it may be.
Philippians 4: 6-7 "Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

loving the nest

For the breakfast room this week...Always wanted a distressed red armoire with chicken wire doors---yippie!!!

And found a super neat black bookcase for the family room. Distressed and has these glass doors that slide side to side. Lot's of great storage. What in the world am I going to put in these...hm

I do have to say that I love our home. It is a place where I cherish family game night and Sunday dinners. It makes me feel all warm inside when I see my kids in their pj's in the morning-running down the stairs for breakfast. It is our little nest.
I am a stay at home momma, so I think the nest is extra special. It is my "office" and my playground :) And decorating this playground is fun fun fun.

around here

all of these after Christmas sales are just too much for me. I can't focus! But I did manage to locate these little dandies for next year's decor. love em'

And a table runner for the dining room...simple and snazzy I think

AND Big Bertha! Yes, the actual name of this mirror is Bertha...and she is BIG- about 7 feet tall. So ya know. The name fits. This hugandus momma was a surprise from my Mother-In-Law. An early 30th birthday gift. She knows me all too well. Thanks MIL!
Alright, the kids are having a sleep over tonight, so have to go round em' up for bath time!
Nighty, Night!


Before I share more about Atlanta...A little about the lust for pillows. These needlepoint pillows (above) were just calling my name when I saw them...and I love the bird design. I had to have both. Think they are fab for the guest bedroom!

SO, Atlanta also brought new friends...Like these ladies (all shop owners) who Jamie, Wendy and I had the pleasure of meeting at dinner one night. Debbie Dusenberry organized a lovely dinner at the Pleasant Peasant - Thank you Debbie!- for us all to sit, eat, laugh and have a helpful Q&A. Here are a few of the ladies at the end of the night.

On our last day in Atlanta- we of course had the itch to see Suzanne again! She was sweet enough to meet us for an early dinner and a little shopping at C'est Moi. Hugs my friend!

And this little shop was a lovely find. Boxwood. Oooo- so many goodies inside!

the front room

some stone pieces
Jamie standing next to the piece that is next on my list to purchase~

That sums up Atlanta. Thank you Jamie and Wendy for a wonderful time!

and next on our adventure

and next on our adventure in GA was Suzanne Duda's home.
Now, Jamie, Wendy and I are just SURE Suzanne is our sister from another mother! (guess I am too for that matter! Ha!) We met Suz at Silver Bella and we were instant buddies. I tell you, this friend is THE best story teller! She had us in stitches all night!
So--we went over for dinner and Suzanne made a wonderful spread of grilled chicken (courtesy of her Sou chef Christopher- such a cutie!) roasted potatoes and some green bean casserole goodness that was so yum! And for dessert...cupcakes of course! And pink - of course!
Ms Duda's home is lovely and cozy and makes you want to snuggled up with some coffee (we did actually!) and make a craft (which we also did!).

The 4 of us in Suzanne's front living room...technically I think she has 4 or 5 living rooms.
It was late and we had been traveling and been to market so we were tired!Suzanne's hospitality was so wonderful!

her new-old plates made a beautiful table! ...
Suzanne and Christopher ...

Jamie crafting ...

how many college degrees does it take to figure out how to solder???
it would seem more than we have--b/c it was tough!

but wait!! Wendy figured it out...sort of...

ps. The dot, dot, dots in this posting are dedicated to Miss Duda herself. Love and Hugs :)

post one of 3!

In an effort to keep my fingers from going COMPLETELY numb, I am dividing my next post into 3!
Jamie, Wendy, and I just returned from Atlanta and we had so much fun that the love needs to be spread out a little ;) (wink)
The girls had to get their shopping done for POPIN and I had to get shopping done for...well, me! :) Lot's more looking than purchasing- but isn't that the most fun?? The hunt!
On our way to Atlanta, we were invited to lunch and a home tour by Jenn Hayslip. We met this sugar sweet Bella last November in Omaha. She is a one of a kind super precious girlfriend! She posted some pictures that I don't have- so go take a peek. Thank you so much, Jenn, for having us into your home!

Jenn's master bedroom dresser

Grant and the puppies come to greet us at the door!

Jenn and her sweet children Grant and Vivi in Grant's room

Grant loves the ladies!

Lulu loves pink as much as her master!

One of the groupings in Vivian's nursery. A sweet heirloom dress with a creation by Jenny and Aaron!

A distant shot of Jenn with Jamie and Wendy in Vivi's nursery...I can't say enough about this room! Just lovely and dreamy!

A Sugarville creation in Vivi's room

One of Vivi's dressers with all kinds of goodies!

Jenn, myself and Jamie enjoying some girl time

and now I must go find a hot cup of tea...I shall return later for post number 2...and let me tell ya- it's a fun one ;')

A new year around our nest

Well, a new year around here mean's FINALLY getting Christmas put away and moving on to new decor that get's us in the mood to anticipate Spring!
A few new florals I found this weekend are doing just that ;)
I just adore lovely flowers! Especially when I don't have to water them!!! lol!

Starting to get the dining table pretty...a few random candle sticks...an Amaryllis for the center... more to come...

A huge Amaryllis arrangement for the dining room's antique sideboard. This piece is about 3 feet wide by 4 ft tall! It is a big one!

And I can't believe I still have berries on this flowering Dogwood Tree outside our kitchen! Love it!

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise