sweetest baby on earth

Yes, it is true. My precious niece Anabelle is a genius! She is only 6 months old and saying "Ma-Ma" :) I mean, come on! How cute is she ~ smooch!

new to me...mixed media art

Well, Wendy has me hooked...I am always looking at new paper arts (and drooling over hers!), mixed media goodies and the likes...so I decided to make one for myself :) So, it's new to me and a little rough around the edges..so don't look too closely! LOL~ A fun 24x36 mixed media on canvas for our play room. My little angel and magician. :) And of course, they are so impressed with themselves...being on their own art and all :)
Now, the pictures are not the best because I only have my little ol' point and shoot digital...but you get the idea :) WOW! It was fun... hmmmm what project will tomorrow bring???
please share your blogs and sites if you have some fun paper arts! I would love to see :)

Low Country Baby Shower

We had a "couples" baby shower tonight for my precious friends Kristen and Chip Williams. Oh the joy and anticipation of 1st time parents-to-be!
We had a low country boil and totally casual home setting...as to ease the sting of guys having to attend a "baby shower". It was fun!! And in honor of the chic yet casual couple of honor...Banana Pudding in lieu of a shower cake ;~) I love that!!
And she gave us hosts the most fabulous (and totally beautiful) gift. This great monogrammed shell necklace. Oooo I just love it!

Paula's Party Appearance

I love to win stuff! (who doesn't??) Now, I am NOT the kind of person to enter every contest and free offer...but I dabble and am mildly famous in my family for winning totally random things!
The year I was pregnant with Hayden I won a year lease on a Mercedes (that was fun!). A year after that I won a $3500 closet makeover by California Closets (don't ask how, it is embarrassing!)
But...one of my all time favorite wins was this past summer. I got a call that I had won an opportunity to attend the taping of Paula Deen's (then new) show Paula's Party!
Now I LOVE Paula Deen. I mean, if I could adopt her- I WOULD! And so - this just totally tickled me :) So, last Fall my mom and I (I was able to take 1 guest) packed up and headed to Savannah for the taping (and a little girly time in Savannah of course).
AND to top it all off, Mrs. Deen the Queen of Southern Cuisine herself picked ME to help her during a segment!! I mean, come on! Jesus can take me right now! :)
So, if you tune in tonight you will get a good giggle watching me hula (and cook a little) with Miss Paula herself.
Note to all viewers AND anyone I have ever told that I don't like to diet: :~)
This was taped 2 1/2 weeks after I gave birth...so, don't be incredibly shocked when I look a little "puffy" ;~). Yes, I was still healing. Yes, I was probably nuts for going but momma was with me and she IS a retired nurse- so I felt pretty good about it- Thanks Mom! And Yes, I am about 25 lbs lighter now. :~) And Heck-Fire, I would do it all over again even if it was the same day I gave birth! It was TOOOOOO fun :)

Paula's Party (Luau Theme)
Friday, January 26th
10pm EST
on the Food Network

Mom and I at the famous Lady and Sons

The set after the taping

from left~ Jamie, Paula and Bobby Deen

little angels

Our little ones really are angels! Or at least they are in paper arts.

I am in the midst of making a piece for our play room and still have a little ways to go---but here are a few pictures of what to expect. I don't have Rowan up yet. His pictures are waiting to be picked up from the lab...but he will have his top hat and magicians cape on soon! I will be sure to post pictures when it is complete.

Here is Hayden Grace in her wings and tutu.

Happy Day to all!

And thank you for ALL of your great comments!! :) I just love to read each and every one!

Disney or Bust!

Well- Like any typical Florida family we do Disney in January :) It is nice and cool...the crowds are small...and well- it's Disney so who needs reasons really??? ;~)

This week we did a 3 day visit and took my in-laws. The kids are sure that Grandma and Papa hung the moon (both sets of grandparents for that matter!) and this weekend pretty much proved it to them. They were spoiled rotten!
Here are the precious spoiled angels enjoying Disney mania with their faces painted at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Too fun!

Then of course there are the classic shots with 3D glasses on. Who can get enough of these goofy things?? Not me! LOL

AND there is the yummy food! We love Liberty Tree Tavern :)

Weird Jeanie

Okay ~ I have been "tagged" by Wendy http://www.updycrafts.blogspot.com/ and so I will do as requested and share 6 Weird Things about me ;) Well- at least I think they are weird ;)

#1 I love to eat Banana and Mayo on toast. yummy!
(the picture with the banana is not of me...it is my Mother-In-Law when she was 15 months old)

#2 I can fit 16 jumbo marshmallows in my mouth and still say "chubby bunny" without swallowing ;) --talent right!!
#3 I have too mush stationary...too much being in the range of over 100 styles with 10 to 20 of each ;)
#4 I always "build a nest" AND "hover" in public restrooms

#5 I can't wash my face with the same washcloth that I use on my body -- it grosses me out. Yes, it's a tad OCD
#6 I love to re-read magazines. I keep a stash of old Southern Living in my nightstand and like to re-read a few articles at night before going to bed :)

Vintage Pillowcase Dress

Hand embroidery is always classic and is a special way for us to remember our past.
This dress and capri set was custom made for my daughter from a set of vintage pillowcases.
The blue embroidery was done on these pillowcases in the 1950's by my grandmother (Hayden's great-grandmother) Carolyn Jean Straus Elledge.
This set will always be a special keepsake for our family.
So, dig out those beautiful old pillowcases and make them into a family heirloom!

A dining room to drool over...

Alright, think "Alice In Wonderland Goes Chic" and you have my friend Jamie's dining room!
This absolutely dreamy place is something fairy tales are made of. I just had to share with the land of blogdom!

Can't you just imagine sitting in this cozy room of whimsy ~ while sipping raspberry tea and munching on mini desserts (grrr goes my stomach).
Kudos to Jamie for such a creative and inspiring room!
Jamie is co-owner of POPIN in Jacksonville, FL

Dreaming of Valentines...

These little ditty's are so adorable!
You can find them at


Saint Valentine himself would be impressed!
Drool, drool, drool...

Organizing the Princesses Hair Bows

Okay ~ I admit. I have an addiction (well more than ONE actually--but that is another issue altogether ;~) )
My addiction...
Hair bows. Not for me. For my awnry Princess Hayden Grace.
Yes- I only have one daughter...Yes she only has one head of hair...and Yes I think the obsession is overboard (that's what makes it an obsession right?!?!) The child has close to 250 hair bows.
Ridiculous, I know!!
But this post, even more than about my nutty obsession, is about ORGANIZATION.
I have found an innovative, inexpensive and attractive way to organize her hair bows and purses.
It cost me less that $20 for the entire project!
You could use this organization tool for hairbows, purses, head bands, belts, jewelry...the list goes on and on!

1 white plastic peg board, found at Lowe's for $6.96
6 metal pegs, Lowe's for $4
2 wooded furring strips, Lowe's for $3
6 Yds White 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon, J Caroline Creative $4
D-rings, cost varies
1 inch by 3 feet strips white poster board, $1 for a piece of poster board that makes 36!
Let me know if you need directions :)

And if you are in the Jacksonville, FL area I would be happy to help you put one together of your very own!

All children should dress "sweet" for a time

I love to dress my children "sweet"...which is a term southerners use for clothing that is usually smocked or embroidered or has some kind of heirloom quality.
My dear husband and I differ in opinion as to when our son - who is now 2 yrs old- should no longer dress this way...but for now our compromise is- I dress him 5 days a week and on special occassions and my husband can dress him on Saturdays and some Sundays.
That sounds fair doesn't it ;~)
After I had my daughter--who is now 4 yrs old- I began to get the sewing itch. Now I enjoy doing occassional heirloom sewing for my children and my niece Anabelle. I think it is nice for children to wear these sweet things...if only for a time. They are beautiful on and so traditional. And such precious heirlooms for generations to come.

Here are 2 pieces I made for Anabelle before she was born--a white bonnet with our family initial "C" embroidered. And a blue bishop that may not fit her until she is 2 yrs old! But it was fun to make :)

it's all about the towel

In my house we once had "no touchy towels"...these were of course the pretty towels that momma wouldn't let us put our grimy paws on. Well...I don't want "no touchy" towels in my house...so I always have white or light towels! Always! (and all white sheets for that matter too!) You can always use a bleach pen and perk those towels right up!
All that being said- I still strongly believe in fabulous towels (I did not say expensive!!)...
Here my friend Lynn embroidered hand towels and added some embelishments for my children's bathrooms. They are super cute!

Oh, for the love of our children's rooms!

Okay, I am not neurotic by nature...I don't think anyway. But WHY do I have to have every little thing for my children's bedrooms?? I'll tell you why (and this is a plug for my friends, Jamie and Wendy at POPIN), because POPIN is too darn adorable! And yes, I am addicted!

I just drool at the very image of the latest precious children's decor in the store windows. I actually begin to hyperventilate wihen these little gems go on sale.
My children, ages 4 and 2 years, could care less I am sure. But Momma just adores it :) And the rooms are really for me right? Okay, maybe not. BUT I have done tons to make their rooms kid friendly and incorporated lots of whimsey and fun!

And I welcome new ideas :~) (hint hint to all you readers ;) )

Right now~ my favroite item is this too fabulous Black and White Chasie in Hayden Grace's room. Ooo- I could just eat it up! (in southern-talk that means "VERY cute")

The LEEEEEAP into Blogdom...

Well, I have read and read and READ bloggers far and wide. Fabulous and funny, infamous and hilarious, creative and inticing...now I am taking the plunge!
Here we go!!!
My hope is to create a blog that is cozy, inspiring, refreshing, resourceful, helpful, uplifting and feels like home to all readers~ a little "southern nest".

There are too many wonderful things about the southern US of A to name...and so I hope to blog away...sometimes more frequently than others...about things that are home to me...things that are southern and chic and comfortable and exciting and heart warming and beautiful to your eyes and mind! Family, Friends, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ...and of course the things that I love to surround myself with...beautiful art, cozy and timeless home things, handcrafted anything!, and recipes that are good enough to eat! :)

Here's to all of you readers and bloggers ~


The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise