Diamonds are Hayden Grace's best friend...

What little girl doesn't love diamonds??? (or big girl for that matter!) So, when it came time to design Hayden's bathroom walls we thought Harlequin diamonds would be nice ;) And NICE they are. Very yummy actually! Jeffrey did the diamonds in 2 wonderful shades of Lily and Midday--both Sherwin Williams. And then add sweet little whimsical flowers to match the roses in the Tender Trap fabric (Alexander Henry) in Hayden Grace's bedroom (that's for another day).

Putting up the shower curtain and drapery this weekend :)

Kids Art is So fun!

I do love children's art. And right now it seems that stretched canvas is all the rage. Good thing because I adore it :) We did yet more "moving" in of stuff this weekend. Put up this yummy navy dresser in Rowan's room from POPIN, along with the Mary Jack art above it and all the decor goodies.
And in Hayden's room we set up a neat mock-vintage nightstand with a gaudy pearl frame and "hat" lamp. Gotta love Maura Daniel! And another piece of Mary Jack art---this one is my favorite of her collection. Still so much to do though! Armoire yet to set up...rugs to lay...more art to hang...and on and on...all before the big house warming on Saturday. Will it all get done? Who knows! But, if it doesn't no one will be the wiser and we will still all have a great time! :)

Happy, Happy Birthday Party!

Well, yesterday I hit the big 2-9 (29 years old that is) and my hubby, Ashley, will be 30 years old on Wednesday! In honor of our dueling birthday's I would like to have a much loved birthday party/contest. Here's the scoop (mmmm, that makes me think of ice cream with my cake!)...I have encountered a fun tin that once held the Arizona Peach Iced Tea packets I purchased. It is begging for something creative to be done with it so that it can go on in life being useful and crafty-cute! So, comment with your name and what you think should be done with the potential art palette of a tin and I will a) draw a random winner from the names of you folks that contribute and b) choose one of the ideas and apply it to the tin container.
So (if that wasn't confusing enough) there will be 2 winners:
The random name drawn and The person who contributes MOST creative/useful/funky/fun idea for the tin. The winners will receive a birthday party favor surprise! Alas- I will also post pictures of the finished tin :) Contest (birthday party) ends Thursday, Feb 22nd at 12noon.

Here is the tin as it stands now...about 9 inches tall with a neat sort-of-octagonal shape and matching tin lid.
And for breakfast this guess...that's right, left over BIRTHDAY CAKE! Yummy carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting of course), a steaming cup o' joe AND the sweet smell of my tangerine colored birthday roses (from my sweet hubby). Ahhh- this is the life! (wish blogging were scratch and sniff!!)

Working on Rowan's bathroom...

Well, this weekend we continue the process of tying up loose ends around the house. When we moved in before Christmas we bumped drywall here and there, so the drywall guys are coming to do repairs tomorrow--and then painters follow next week. Trying to get everything spic and span for the Ladies House Warming here on the 3rd! Very excited about that by the way! All of my favorite ladies here in my home to eat, laugh and just have fun! I LOVE the idea of that ;)

Today, went fabric shopping for Rowan's bathroom...his shower curtain to be exact. Not sure exactly what I am looking for...something preppy...maybe nautical...maybe stripes. Oh dear. This could be a long process! LOL Here are some pictures of our little pirate's bathroom thus far...don't you love the Oopsy Daisy art from POPIN (red towel holder too)! And the fun murals. Love Jeffrey's work! Ooo-and the little fisherman's vanity light worked out perfectly. So fun.
Back to the fabric store...wish me luck!

We Came, We Shopped, We saw OPRAH!

Oh...God is so good! Another fun blessing of a win under my "lucky" belt. This to Oprah! Wednesday Jan 31st I am on IM with my friend Tracy who has been trying for Oprah tickets for years!...So, that night I think--hm...maybe I can try for some. I of course tell her that if I ever get tickets one is HERS! So- I happen to email for the "last minute" tickets. Friday Feb 2nd I get a call from Harpo that I have tickets!! Whe-hew!!! Just crazy ;~) So- I call Tracy and Nicole and we book flights, hotel and all so that we can be at the FEB 7TH taping! Yes...just 5 days away!!!
It's an offical quick girls trip to Chicago!
The show originally aired Tuesday, Feb 13th---but look for re-runs!
The guest was Dr. Oz and he answered questions about botox,tanning, kegel exercises and all kinds of fun things! And Oprah has accupuncture! If you look at the commercial for the show---and also online---you can see me in the audience for a quick second ;)
This picture has nothing to do with Oprah...but something I just loved about Chicago!!
The amazing deli's!!! :) The favorite pick on our trip was Ada's. Had the most wonderful Matza Ball Soup and these adorable & yummy old fashioned candy jars! Too fun

The Well Loved Funky-Frenchy Chair

This is a well loved chair. Before it came into my home it had been in my husband's parents bedroom for 15 years. In that time it had 2 different upholstry jobs. Then, 4 1/2 years ago, I adopted the chair and had it recovered in a traditional red and white fern Brunschwig & Fils fabric to match Hayden Grace's nursery. And now, old faithful, has undergone yet another transformation. This time in a funky french themed fabric of black and white. It is so neat! And I love it :) My sweet husband was tired last night...and it only made the journey from my suv to the foyer---tonight he will take it the rest of the way and place it in Hayden's room. This weekend we are planning to do lots of hanging of window treatments, pictures, and what-nots in the kids rooms - so I will take pictures and post on Monday.
Until then, hope you enjoy the funky fun frenchy chair~

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise