Kids Art is So fun!

I do love children's art. And right now it seems that stretched canvas is all the rage. Good thing because I adore it :) We did yet more "moving" in of stuff this weekend. Put up this yummy navy dresser in Rowan's room from POPIN, along with the Mary Jack art above it and all the decor goodies.
And in Hayden's room we set up a neat mock-vintage nightstand with a gaudy pearl frame and "hat" lamp. Gotta love Maura Daniel! And another piece of Mary Jack art---this one is my favorite of her collection. Still so much to do though! Armoire yet to set up...rugs to lay...more art to hang...and on and on...all before the big house warming on Saturday. Will it all get done? Who knows! But, if it doesn't no one will be the wiser and we will still all have a great time! :)

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Wow! You have the most stunning house. I have a decorating question for you. Will you email me please at Thanks!!

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise