Just returned from our mini-getaway. A little time at the beach with sweet friends.

Happy Birthday Luke!

My sweet friend, Vanessa has a baby named Luke. He is such a miracle (all children are of course!). Vanessa went thru endless drama with fertility treatments before getting pregnant with her twin boys...and then a few years later...SUPRISE!...Along came Luke!
He is such a muffin! So sweet and happy and snuggly! Love him to bits.
And today we celebrated his 1st birthday!

The pictures are a little out of order...only b/c smooshed cake pictures are my fav and I wanted it to be 1st!

Momma getting him ready in his birthday hat...
so handsome

blow out that candle!

sweet boy

and playing together are HG and her friend Ella. They decided to enjoy their birthday cake in this little play phone booth. Pretty cute!

sugar and spice and everything nice

Isn't that what Little Girls are made of??
Well, ask Sandra...she should know! She (and her husband :) ) just adopted 2 little girls...making their grand total- FIVE daughters! Wow-weee! Go Sandra!
My friend, Jill, and I gave a shower in her honor this weekend. Oh- boy (or should I say "girl") did she deserve it!
Love you my friend!

Lover-ly Weekend :)

The weather was beautiful, the house was cozy and the friendship entertaining! Oh yes, and I did some scrapbooking ;) --wink, wink!
Had a great time ladies! Looking forward to the fall.

count down

So only a few short days...4 1/2 to be exact...until I leave for 3 fun filled days of cropping in St Augustine!! Twice a year a dozen or so girls and I rent a house somewhere fun, hunker down with enough snacks and cropping supplies to make it 60 hrs, pack our pj's and spend a whole weekend cropping! It is great. Can't wait to get caught up on some pictures for sure.

sorry to be a bummer

howdy friends and family,
sorry to be a bummer--but I had to switch my comments page to "registered users only". Which means no more anon. comments. Have to be registered. I was getting some meanie comments and not that I care one iota---but really, ugh- why ruin it for people?

Why do people have to be ugly?
Momma always said--if you can't say somethin' nice don't say anything at all.
So, here's to happy comments :)
Thanks for understanding

AND The Birthday post winner is...

I had 10 ladies comment total--LOVED all your stories about your most memorable birthday's!! So great!! And I listed all the ladies who commented with a number next to them. Then had HG pick a number between 1 and 10...she pick 41. Hm...let's try this again. I said "okay, count to ten". She did. I said " now pick one of those numbers" She said "Three!"

And "3" was Tracy on my list!

Congrats Tracy!! Your package is a is why.

I love giving surprise parties-LOVE to! (But I am not a fan of surprises for myself- go figure) And I have not had an event lately to throw a surprise party for! So here's a surprise for you! :)

I will post pictures of your goodies after you have them so that everyone can see.


Spring is here! Just a beautiful day here in North Florida! Now all I have to find is some purple flowers like this little girl has and I will be feelin' springy for sure!

I have finally gotten all of my comments for the past 2 months!!! Strange Strange. I don't know what happened. All of the sudden my inbox was loaded! So- a recap from the birthday in February. THANK YOU for all of your sweet well wishes!

The drawing will be done today!!!!!!!!
Honestly I never got a comment on the post--so I thought no one read it??! And then I get all of my comments TODAY! Odd-but I'll take it (wink!)

Good luck to you all!


why do I buy my children a gazillion and 1 toys...and they would be just as happy recycling the ones they forgot about from last year?!
See truck as example "a". This thing hadn't been touched in months...until Rowan thought it was going to Goodwill. Then magically it became popular again. hmmmmm.

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise