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Well, this week we had family in to visit. Spent the week at the beach. It was a tad drizzly...but we were in our suits 90% of the time despite the threat of rain!
My sweet Rowan couldn't manage to keep his swim trunks up...poor fella has a momma that can't help but take a picture!!! LOL
Also, this is the 1st time that my grandfather has gotten a chance to meet Anabelle. Of course she giggled and clapped and put on a good show for him.
Family is SO precious! And I happen to just adore mine!!

Dinner at the Columbia Saturday night...

Aunt Maria helps Rowan with his droopy swim trunks...

Grandpa Toby meets Anabelle...

Mom and I with the kids on St. George Street...

a little getaway...

This weekend my sweet husband surprised me with a weekend in Amelia Island for our 7 year Anniversary!
We stayed at the too wonderful Ash Street Inn B&B...he planned our massages, shopping in the historic district and dinner at Le Clois (super neat French place on the Island).
Ahhh! I am so relaxed!
The B&B was great--a super quaint room...and breakfast was this wonderful french toast bake! Yum-o!

The garden in front of the inn had the most beautiful flowers--smelled so great after the morning rain shower...

How cute is this Inn?? Seriously, you have to give her a try if you are ever in Amelia!

And our room was so relaxing!

repeats are so sweet

Another TOO fab apron came in the mail from Amy this week!
If you haven't already, get on over to her etsy shop and make yourself a purchase. You will LOVE everything!!!

This weekend marks 7 years of blissful marriage for my sweetheart and I! Tomorrow we are heading on a weekend excursion...destination unknown for me. I LOVE surprises!!
I'll fill y'all in next week with details ;)

Angels among us

Today is a super special day in our family. Our "littlest angel", Anabelle Faith, is 1 year old today! She is my sweet, precious niece!
Some of you may know of the journey it took to bring Anabelle to our family.
A super long story made short...
My wonderful, beautiful sister-in-law Stacie (my husbands brothers wife) was diagnosed in 2004 with CML--a blood disease and form of Leukemia. She was told that it could cause further life threatening problems with her medication if she attempted pregnancy. SO, without hesitation, I asked she and her husband if they would like my husband and I to carry their biological child for them. They jumped at the offer--and a year, IVF, and pregnancy later--here was Anabelle!
So, you see, Anabelle really is an angel! An angel sent to bring such joy to our entire family!
Happy 1st birthday precious girl!
The 5 of us on Anabelle's Birthday
Also, I want to let you all know about another angel. This sweet girl has been sent back to heaven recently after fighting a good fight with a long illness.
Her name is Brianna.
You can read about Brianna and her family here.
And there is an amazing auction taking place right now where you have an awesome opportunity to help this amazing family and treasure some beautiful art!
Happy Bidding!

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise