Cara, thank you for letting me take a few pictures of your sweet angel! She is just beautiful.


Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day Weekend. Thank you to all you dad's out there for all that you do!

big bows

is it a southern thing?? big bows, that is. You can scarcely enter a children’s boutique in the south without seeing a child in a gianormous hair bow. And I am a guilty momma for sure. I love em! HG has had a bow in her hair since she was 30 minutes old! And as she gets bigger…so do they. When she was a toddler, she had “night-night bows”- literally hair bows that were soft that matched her pajamas. Crazy- I know! This week she asked to wear a head band….hmm…errr…sounds like she is trying to grow up. Hm.
But for now, how about a bow.


there are neat little parks and gardens in our neighborhood. they can make things fun and whimsical on hot summer days. HG loves the fountains! it was pretty bright out this morning, so the lighting wasnt great--but the fountains sure were cool!

Baby E

Had the opportunity to photograph Baby E yesterday. She was so precious! Thank you Lori and Jud for letting me take these special pictures for you.

4 Years Old

Happy 4th Birthday, my sweet boy! You make our lives an adventure!
Love, Mom and Dad

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise