Odds and Ends

Spring cleaning is full throttle! Granted we haven't even been in this house 5 months...but I can always find SOMETHING to clean ;) Especially when it comes to sweet Hayden's closet. That poor, neglected, underprivilaged, sad child just has NO clothes (Yea- RIGHT!). She is a little fashionista! A hoot really. Loves her clothes and BOWS!
So, here is one of our fav's from last year. I am selling it on ebay ;) along with a few other clothes from my son and some odds and ends we need to part with around the house.

And...a sweet picture of my two with my niece Brianna. We took them to Marine Land last month. Always a fun time at the beach!:)

Buyin' a Hog & TaekwonDo!

It has been an adventurous past few days!
Last weekend Ashley and I took the kids to the Clay County Fair. As far as fairs go - this one is first class! We make our yearly pilgrimage there every April. The food is yummy, the restrooms are clean and the rides...well, the majority look safe. But the best part is the livestock auction. Yep, hogs and steers. My kids love em'! Every year we go to the auction and buy a hog or steer from the FFA kids. Good cause and a fun time. Here are a few
pics of the kids enjoying the festivities.
This week also began Hayden Grace's journey in Taekwondo. She loves her kicks and punches. Who knew this Miss Priss would love "HA-YA!" so much!! LOL Today she received her 1st belt. A very proud moment :)

"Apron Love"

Oh, how I do love an apron. Old aprons (they call that "vintage" right??), new aprons, long aprons, short aprons, full aprons, hostess aprons, all colors, patterns and styles. Love em'!
And to my joy filled surprise...(drum roll please) I opened my mailbox to the MOST fabulous apron from Kim at Olive Juice Co. this week in the mail!!! She did a fab blogaversary drawing and I won a one of her wonderful treats!! Love it ;) Thank you so much Kim! I will treasure this wonderful creation :)

"Hoppy" Easter To You!

Happy Easter to all!
For us the weekend was filled with parties, Egg Hunts, family dinners, church, and all things "bunny-ish". Baskets were filled to the brim with plastic eggs and all kinds of treats!
We baked Easter cookies and dyed eggs (only 4 of which survived Rowan's rough housing decor methods). And had a wonderful time!

Not So New Pieces for the Nest...

Gaw-lee george! I do LOVE a bargain. Look at these two "not so new" gems I found for my little southern nest. Oh I just love them! Such a blessing to find Joyce who needed to sell these to make room for other things in her home. She was wonderful!! Said she had some other interested buyers-(not surprising for the steal of a price she was letting them go for!)-but that they wanted to turn around and sell the furniture. And she wanted it to go to a well loved home. So, she agreed to let us adopt them. THA-RILLED! The server is in the dining room (1st offical "new" piece in there) and the display hutch is in the foyer for now. Maybe later it will migrate to the upstairs common foyer. Not sure of a date on these. Joyce bought them when they lived in Tennessee over 20 years ago and the lady she bought them from had them for at least 60 years. So who knows! But they are wonderful!! Original hardware and all...love it!

Furnishing this nest of ours makes me wander to various wonderful sites like Debbie's Curios Sofa...so dreamy! And Firmly Planted...and Lisa Ruby Ryan at Vintage Living...and the French General...and on and on. Certainly an adventure!

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise