Little Road Runner

Well, Stacie emailed me footage recently of Miss Anabelle just a scootin' away! That sweet niece of mine is crawling! Awwww. Precious girl ;) I could just eat up those chubby thighs...and don't even GET me started on her precious baby feet! What a baby doll :)
Today is a lazy day at home. Rowan had the sniffles last night, so today we hung out around the house so he could get some rest and recover 100%. Home-body days are so fun! Just playing...and eatting...and cleaning...and crafting...and napping!

And the winner is...

It has been a month since I truned the big 29...and I have finally finished the little tin that I was inspired to "craf-tize". The winners of the "suggest" and the "drawing" are:
yippie!! Congrats to you both :)
Jenny, you were the lucky name drawn...and Wendy, your idea is the one I ended up using...kind of. I love the idea of decoupage. Especially with all of the fabric in my craft closet calling my name! (you KNOW what I am talking about)
So, I decoupaged some of Hayden's Rose fabric from the Alexander Henry line of Tender Trap (we know that POPIN is a big fan of this collection!) And added black pom poms, gingham ribbon, a little pink chip board heart and fun bottle caps on the lid for a little retro fun. The tin will be in Hayden's room. Wendy had a fabulous idea & suggested that I put ideas for my crafties inside! Isn't that fun!! BUT--Instead, I am having Hayden (the ever crafty 4 year old that she is) put her "wish list" of craft projects inside and on craft days she can pick one from the Tin to do! She is so super excited about this idea!! Thank you to all the friends who wrote in comments and suggestions! Hugs!

Jenny and Wendy, I am heading out of town this weekend but your "party favor" will be in the mail at the beginning of next week :)
I hope you enjoy!

DIGI Scrappin'

Here are my prince and princess being sweet to one another...a truely magical moment!

*page kit with

The scrumptious Chaise

The scrumptious Chaise